Tuesday, June 5, 2012

William Richard Greenwood HIstory

                            WILLIAM RICHARD GREENWOOD

           [This is written by Frank Greenwood, a son, unfortunately the first page of the manuscript is missing.  The following is all that is available.]

....  third grade.  He was however good in mathematics, reading and very good in spelling.  In his younger years he farmed, worked in the mines in American Fork Canyon.  He also hauled ore from the mines and freight up to the mines the year around.  He freighted materials to the mines in Mercur, a mining town some 30 miles West of American Fork, on the west slope of the Oquirrh mountains in Tooele County, Utah.
     In 1898, he enlisted in the U.S. Army for the duration of the Spanish-American War, and was stationed at the Presido in San Francisco, California for training, but was not sent over seas, as the war only lasted from April to August 1898.
     After his return from the Army, he again took up farming and mining in American Fork Canyon.
     He married Anne Elizabeth Crystal, December 30, 1901 in American Fork, Utah.  There were eight children born to this union:   Frank C., Berton R., Mark J., Wilson C., Harold, Irene I., and Vie.
     In 1908 they moved to Bingham Canyon, Utah, to a small settlement in called Highland Boy.  They lived there some 2 years and moved to the lower end of the canyon. 
    He supported his family, opening a cafe for several years, and also hauling vegetables and fruits from the farmers in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.
     In the spring of 1915, he moved to a farm in Sterling, Idaho, a small town some 30 miles southwest of Blackfoot, Idaho.  He farmed until the end of World War I.
     In the spring of 1919, he moved his family back to Utah, to a farming community called “West Jordan” some 12 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.  He farmed until the fall of 1920, and in the spring of 1921 moved back to American Fork.  He again worked in American Fork Canyon, and farmed.  In February of 1925, he was injured in an automobile accident and from that until his death in 29 June 1934, he was unable to work.


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