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Emeline Keaton

Information from  AWT  #12399
Emeline Keaton
1 November 1806 - 7 January 1843
by Elaine Johnson
Emeline was the daughter of Jacob Nottingham Keaton and Catherine Paine. They were of Dutch and English descent and their families had settled in New York before it was called New York. She was born in New York City and her family was still there for the 1810 census. The Keaton family moved upstate to Marbleton in Ulster county before the 1820 census and was still there for the 1830 enumeration.  She married John Carling when she was twenty-three years old. Their first three children were born in Ulster county, New York. In 1838 they moved to Dutchess county just across the Hudson River. Emeline joined the L.D.S. church 5 January 1840with her husband and children.
Before joining the other Saints in Nauvoo they left Fishkill and traveled down the Hudson River to New York to visit her family. While there, some Mormon Elders came and were invited to stay the night. As they were being shown where to sleep, they passed the door to the Grandmother's room and she asked, "Is dat de Mormons?" She was shushed and then she said, "Well, I didn't see der horns." After leaving the city they sailed back up the river to Albany, then to Buffalo  on the Erie Canal and across Lake Erie to Cleveland, Ohio. They sailed down the Ohio River, to the Mississippi, then up river to Nauvoo. The journey of two thousand miles was done primarily on steamboats, sloops, and canal boats. They had some very hard sea biscuit that wouldn't spoil on the trip. Before they could eat them they had to soak the biscuits in coffee.  The Carling farm was just south of the Smith farm. Hyrum Smith gave Emeline and her husband John a joint patriarchal blessing in October 1841. In the blessing she was promised her father's house would share in the blessings of the house of Jacob. Many of her descendents who tried to extend her pedigree past her parents referred to this when they became discouraged. Those lines are now known for several generations and many of the temple ordinances have already been completed.
Emeline died in Nauvoo when her youngest son was only four months old. Her husband married an English woman with two small children whose husband had deserted her. She was set apart by Joseph Smith as a 'herb doctor' and a midwife. Emeline's last child died less than a year later.  Her surviving children were given loving care by their step mother.
Keaton, Emeline (Female)
Birth: Keaton, Emeline (Female)    Date: November 1, 1806   Alternate Date: November 6, 1806   Place: New York, USA
Parents: Keaton, Emeline (Female)  Father: Keaton, Jacob N. Mother:Paine, Catherine
Death: Keaton, Emeline (Female)    Date: January 1, 1843    Alternate Date: January 7, 1843
Marriage Information: Keaton, Emeline (Female)    Spouse: Carling, JohnDate: September 1, 1830  Place: Ulsterville, Ulster, NY, USA
Church Ordinance Data: Keaton, Emeline (Female)   Patriarchal Blessing Date: October 1841
Temple Ordinance Data: Keaton, Emeline (Female)   Baptism   Date: October3, 1868   Temple: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, USA
     Endowment Date: October 31, 1877   Temple: St. George, Washington,UT, USA
     Sealed to Spouse    Date: January 27, 1976   Temple: Idaho Falls,Bonneville, ID, USA
Places of Residence: Keaton, Emeline (Female)     Nauvoo, Hancock, IL,USA; 1842

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