Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thomas Julian and Ellen Marriage and her Funeral

     To Whom It May Concern:
          This is to certify that Thomas Barratt born in Loughborough, England, March 10, 1930 and Ellen Julian, born in Shelford, England, March 18, 1836, were this day by me joined in marriage according to the rules of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the laws of Missouri.
        Witness my hand this 20th day of May, 1855, St. Louis Missouri.
                                                                     Erastis Snow, Elder.

                         FUNERAL RITES FOR ELLEN JULIAN

     Impressive funeral services were conducted in the Third Ward chapel last Friday afternoon, April 18, 1930, at 2:00 for Mrs. Ellen Julian Barratt, who died Monday night, oldest women in this city and wife of the late Thomas Barratt, passed away at her home, April 14, following an illness of two weeks due to old age and general debility.
     Bishop John Hunter officiated.  The opening musical number was a vocal solo “Rest Sweet Heart” beautifully sung by Mrs. Byrl Featherstone Johnson of Salt Lake City, after which E.B. Hawkins gave the invocation.  The next number was a vocal duet “Unanswered Yet” sung by Mrs. Ladocia Wagstaff and Mrs. Edna Bolay.
     Mrs. Mary E. Able read an interesting biographical sketch of the life of the deceased. 
     The speakers were former Bishop of the Third Ward, John R. Hindley of Salt Lake City; President James H. Clark, and Bishop Hunter.  Each of them spoke of the wonderful character and accomplishments of the deceased, especially stressing her unselfish qualities and her home loving spirit.
     Mrs. Johnson sang as an interspersing number, “I Know That My Redeemer Lives,”.
     Mrs. Boley and Mrs. Wagstaff sang as a concluding number “Mother’s Love”, followed by John Whitby of Alpine pronouncing the benediction.
     Interment was made in the City cemetery, where John Hunter the bishop dedicated the grave.  The chapel was fill to capacity, and the floral tributes were both many and beautiful.                  

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