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Sarah Prescott History

Sarah Prescott-  Family Lineage from book cited in Richard Wheeler’s history- see his notes for full details.

Sarah Prescott, wife of Richard Wheeler was the daughter of John Prescott the founder of Lancaster and was born in England in 1637.
            After the death of her husband, she joined in petition of the remaining inhabitants of Lancaster for an escort of soldiers, as the town was to be temporarily abandoned.  When the soldiers arrived she with her children accompanied them to Concord.  From Concord the family removed to Dedham where on Feb. 22, 1677-78 she married Joseph Rice of Marlboro, Mass.
            The genealogy of her family is as follows:
1.      James Prescott born probably before 1500 married __________Standish, daughter of Roger Standish.
Their children were:
1.      Sir James, married Alice Molineau- made Lord of Manor of Dryby in Lancashire—died March 1, 1583.
2.      Roger, married (1) Elizabeth______and (2) Agu 20, 1568, Ellen Shaw.
3.      Ralph—Died Young
4.      Robert, married Feb. 3, 1565.  Elizabeth Nightingale, lived at Standish, died in 1576.
5.      William, married three times-  father of Sir John Prescott of Essex County and Bromley in Kent Co.  Resided at Copley Parish in Standish.
6.      John, married Anne ______ lived at Sutterly in County of Lincoln.

2.      Roger Prescott, son of James and ________ (Standish) Prescott, married (1) Elizabeth_____of Shevington and (2) Ellen Shaw of Standish.
The children of Roger and Elizabeth were:   
1.      Helen baptized at Standish, March 3, 15??
2.      Lawrence baptized at Standish, Sept. 23, 1566.
The children of Roger and Ellen were:
3.      Anne baptized Mar. 28, 1569, married Alexander Wymards.
4.      Ralph, born 1571-72, married Ellen ________ lived at Shevington in Standish---- Died in 1608 or 9.

3.      Ralph Prescott, son of Roger and Ellen (Shaw) Prescott, born 1571-2, marred Ellen_____.
The children of Ralph and Ellen were:
1.      Hellen, baptized Oct. 1593.
2.      Roger, baptized Dec. 2, 1594
3.      Alice baptized Feb. 7, 1597-98
4.      Cecelia baptized Oct. 16, 1602
5.      John, baptized 1604-5, married Jan 21, 1628-9, Mary Platts, died at Lancaster, Mass.  In 1681.

            Ralph Prescott lived in Shevington, Lancashire, England.  His will was dated Nov. 7, 1608 and proved Jan 24, 1608-9.  In is he mentions his son John.
John Prescott, son of Ralph and Ellen (??) Prescott bron 1605-5, married Jan. 21, 1628-29 Mary Platts of Wygan, Lancashire, England.
The children of John and Mary were:
1.      Mary, baptized at Sowerby, Halifax Parish, England, Feb. 24, 1629-30 --married in 1648 Thomas Sawyer of Lancaster.
2.      Martha, baptized at Sowerby, Halifax Parish, England, Mar. 11, 1632—married John Rugg of Lancaster—died Jan 24, 1656.
3.      John, baptized at Sowerby, Halifax Parish, England, Apr 1, 1635—married Nov. 11, 1668, Sarah Heywood.
4.      Sarah, baptized in Sowerby, Halifax Parish, England in 1637—married Aug 2, 1658, Richard Wheeler.
5.      Hannah, born probably at Barbadoes in 1639, married May 4, 1660 as second wife of John Rugg.  Killed by Indians Sept 11, 1697.
6.      Lydia, born at Watertwon, Mass.  Aug 15, 1641, married (1) May 28, 1658, Jonas Fairbanks or Lancaster and (2) Elisha Barron.
7.      Capt. Jonathan, born at Lancaster in 1646, married (1) Aug 8, 1670, Dorothy _____ who died in 1674, and (2) at Concord, Dec. 23, 1675, Elizabeth Hoar who died Sept 25, 1687 and (3) Dec. 18, 1689 Rebecca, widow of Hon. Peter Buckley, daughter of Lieut. Joseph Wheeler and (4) Aug 18, 1718, Ruth Brown.  He died at Concord, Dec 5. 1721 aged 74
8.      Jonas, born at Lancaster in 1648, married Dec. 4, 1672, Mary Loker of Sudbury, settled in Groton and died there Dec. 31, 1723 aged 75. 

John Prescott died at Lancaster in December 1681.  There appears to be no record of the death of his wife who survived him.

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