William Richard Greenwood (1872-1934) and Anne Elizabeth Crystal (1882-1968)

This page contains information about William Richard Greenwood and Anne Elizabeth Crystal and their ancestors.
William Richard Greenwood History and Anne Elizabeth Crystal History-posted June 2012

Other Ancestors Histories:
Sarah Jane Barrett- posted June 2012
Thomas Barrett History -posted 2012
Thomas Barrett's Introduction to the Gospel- posted 2012
Thomas Barrett and Ellen Marriage and Ellen's Funeral - posted June 2012
Elizabeth Cousins- posted June 2012
Annie Elizabeth Crystal Obituary- posted June 2012
James Crystal - posted June 2012
Alice Houghton- posted June 2012
William Houghton Greenwood History- posted June 2012
William Greenwood History - posted June 2012
William Julian and Jane Spencer History- posted June 2012
Charlotte Wood- posted June 2012

     Greenwood Thornton Family History book has histories and photos of this family.  Online link was posted June 2012.

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