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Zebediah Wheeler

Zebediah Wheeler
            Zebediah Wheeler, son of Richard and Sarah (Prescott) Wheeler, born at Lancaster Jan 2, 1664-5, married Mary_____________.
            The children of Zebediah and Mary were:
                        1.   Joseph, born at Concord Oct. 4, 1696.
2.       Mary, born at Concord Feb. 5 1698-9, perhaps married Joseph Bush of Marleboro Mass. (Intentions Oct. 27, 1728)
3.      Sarah, married Feb. 1, 1721-2 John Wallis of Townsend, Mass.
4.      William, died at Stow, May 16, 1729.
5.      Zebediah born July 27, 1700 married Sarah Barnard or Marlboro (intentions Mar. 29, 1729) lived in Stow; removed to Western (now Warren, Mass.) after 1747, died at Saratoga NY Nov 21, 1760 (See Warren Records.)
            Zebediah Wheeler was twelve years old at the time of his father’s death and was taken to Concord with the remainder of the family when Lancaster was abandoned after the massacre and late to Dedham where they settled temporarily.
            He returned to Lancaster with his brothers however and was a land owner there in 1692.  He removed to Concord and the births of two of his children are recorded there in 1696 and 1699. Subsequently he removed to Stow where he resided until his death which occurred on Dec. 16, 1729
            A stone in the cemetery at the “old common” marks his resting place.
            His wife Mary, died Sept 26, 1728.
(taken from Wheeler Family of Ruthland, MA by Daniel M. Wheeler, Pittsfield, MA 1924.)

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