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Crist Research Notes

Information gleaned from various sources that may be of interest to those researching Crists.

Gilbert Crist was christened 20 Apr 1800 at the Presbyterian Church at Good Will, Orange co., NY.   His parents were listed as John and Mary Crist.  They also had another child christened on 10 Jun 1804, but no name is listed. (information from a CD on Early New York Settlers)

            Page 125.-- In the name of God, Amen.  I, STEPHANUS CRIST, tavern keeper, in Hanover Precinct, Ulster County, being in ordinary health.  "I positively order and will, that my wife, Eve Crist, while she remains my widow, shall be sole mistress and manager of my house and children and estate till my children are of age.  If she married she is to have her bed with its furniture and 'Jean' the negro wench."  I leave to my eldest son, Daniel my whole fast estate, wagons, and horses, but with no power to sell, and it shall devolve, if God should call him off by death, to his next brother. I also leave him a little furniture, and a cow and  œ 25, when the heir comes of age.  I leave to my son Fredereick, when of age œ  50.  I leave to my sons, Christian, Simeon, and Jonathan, œ 50, and they are to stay on the farm unless they choose trades.
            Dated May 20, 1775, Witnesses, Jacob Crist, Samuel Smith, William Stewart. Proved March 14, 1776.
From Web Page- Full Context of New York City Wills, 1771-1776,

            In 1806-07 a number of citizens from Montgomery, Orange County, New York, came by the way of Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh), and Columbia, and settled around this point, as a good place for trade and farming. Among these were Jaeob and Cranmer Felton, Cornelius Snide, grandfather of James Snider; John Z. Weller, Nathaniel Terwilliger, Joseph Taulman, H. Crist, Jacob Room, and others.  Coming from Montgomery, they naturally named the new place in honor of their old home. 
In 1810 a company of these men was organized for the purpose of erecting and running a grist mill.  Some of the names were Elliott, Crist, Snide, and Seam—the latter was the millwright.  Soon after commencing business in the mill they opened a store on the corner now occupied by Mr. R. Parrott.
            From History of Hamilton County Ohio- Chapter XX Civil List of Hamilton County.

Following is a listing of some of the Crist’s Head of households listed in the New York 1790 Census
In Montgomery Town, Albany County
Head of Household        Males over 16               Males under 16           Females              Slaves
John Crist                                1                      0                          5                  0
Samuel Crist                            1                      2                           1                 0
Matthew Crist                         1                      2                           2                 0
Phillip Crist                             1                      5                           3                0
Christian Crist, Sen.                4                      4                           2                 0         
Martinus Crist                         1                      1                           5                 1
William Crist                           2                      3                           5                 1
Henry Crist                             2                      1                           3                 1
Daniel Crist                             2                      1                           6                 2
Stephen Crist                          3                      0                           4                 5
David Crist                             3                      2                           2                 0

Information from the 1850 Census of Sullivan Township, Ashland Co.  Ohio  page 929
Ann M Crist    age 41   F                    born in NY      value of real estate owned $800
Therin Crist          age 16   M   farmer   born in (NY? unsure of the notation)
Mary Crist            age 14   F               born in Ohio
(Dan ?) Crist         age 10   M             born in Ohio
Rebecca Crist        age 9     F              born in Ohio
Emily Crist            age 7     F              born in Ohio

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