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Allen Green and Mercy Putnam Information


January 1972 on Allen Green

1776 Born- Rhode Island
          Marriage date and place unknown
          Wife:  Mercy Putnam b. 1781 in New York
1800  Census of Otsego County
1802  Son born in Otsego Co- Charles L. Green  4 Jul 1802
1805   Living in Cazenovia, Madison Co., NY
1808   Perry Green bought 2 acres of land.  No record of sale.  (I think he was most likely the one from whom Allen
Who bought in Cattaraugus Co.  some could be brothers of Allen.
1810   Census of Madison County in Cazenovia
1815   Bought and Sold land in Cazenovia and went to Cattaraugus County
1850  Appears in this census
1856   Deed Records him in Erie Count
1859   Said to have died 11 Sep 1859 Ellicottville.  Buried 13 Sep 1859, Sardenia Erie Co, NY
1872  Wife died  5 May 1872   age 91

Not knowing Allen’s brothers, it is difficult to analyze the material found in Madison County.  We have
Allen,        b 1776, Rhode Island-  age 21 1800 Census
Nathaniel, b 1766                           age 34 1800 Census of Otsego Co., NY
Job,           b 1770                           age 30 1800 Census of Otsego Co., NY
James        b 1768                           age 32 1800 Census of Otsego Co., NY
Perry         b 1780 ca                       age 20 1800 Census of Otsego Co., NY


Ellis Line:
     Nothing proven, Joshua who was in Cazenovia would be born around 1765 and old enough to be the father of Mary Emoliza.  He is still in Madison Co in 1825; but leaves no will.  Other Ellis families in the county, but not enough information to be useful.

Putnam Line: 
     Nothing proved-The marriage should be in Otsego or whereever they were prior to there.  No will seen has been helpful.

Suggestions:  Hold the work until we acquire the records of Otsego County, New York and of Rhode Island (these should be finished filming bu the end of the year)

Montgomery County, New York may be helpful as it covered all of Wester New York.  However so many counties were cut from this territory that it is difficult to know where records are of people living in Montgomery prior to 1790.

580,628  Bk  35P.557 (Catt. Deeds continued 13 Apr 1854)
Allen M Green and wife Julia of Catt. County to Job W. Green-Born about 1826; Land in Ellicottsville part of Lot #10   Twp 5, 6 Range, bounded by land deeded to Julia Y. Green by Clarinda Green so by Allen Green 29 acres.

4120   History of Cattaraugus Co, Chapter 26, P 570:
4121   Allen Green removed from Cazenovia, New York to Sardenia, Erie County in 1815.  In 1822 he came to NE corner of Ellicottville and purchased 317 acres of wild land.  He died 11 Sep 1859.  His wife Mercy Putnam died 5 May 1872.  There children:  Charles b 1802  (Charles must have met his wife in Erie Co as 1st child b 1827)   Job b 1804; Betsey b 1806; Clarinda; Obediah (Lived in Sardenia)  Allen M resides in Franklinville-wife Julia J Green; Perry; Ellen; Sarah; Mary; Job II  W  bought land in 1854 in Ellicotville-age 50

Note:  Etta M. Bishop of Delta, Utah has made Allen Green came to Ellicotsville, Catt. Co, NY in 1826.  Boutgh 317 acres of wild land.  Allen’s oldes son Charles.  Oldest child of Charles, Mary Catherine Green b. 29 Sep 1827 in Farmersville, Catt. Co, NY

Research done for Etta M. Bishop by Noami Harker:
Sent to Shirley S. Amalong by Etta M. Bishop.  I have another 8 pages of later research of a summary by Harker 24 Apr 1973.  I will sent this to you as I can find time to copy it.
Today  23 Sep 1973……….Shirley S. Amalong

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