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George Nixon

Information on George Nixon as received at the Land and Records Office In Nauvoo by TLS in November 2005.
George Nixon, born 16 Aug 1818 in Valenciennes, France, died 19Jn 1854 in Fillmore, Millard, Utah. Endowed 30 Jan 1846 in Nauvoo.  Married 1839 in Leek, Staffordshire, England to Fanny Hart.  Notes: Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register, p. 239
Seventy’s Record p. 543:  Members, LDS, 1830- 1848 by Susan Easton Black, Vol 32, pp 707-709: and Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah pg 1072.
History/Histories: Autobiography of George Nixon
Father: William Nixon   Mother: Margaret Kensey

Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register,
13. Nixon, George, seventy, born 16 Aug 1818 in Valenciennes, France, end 30 Jan 1946
14. Nixon, Fanny, female born 9 Feb 1816 in Whitgreen, Stafford, England end 30 Jan 1846,  Note: Fanny Hart is slg record.

Seventy’s Record
Nixon, George
Born 1818 in France, died Utah 1854, Parents: Nixon, William, and Kensey, Margaret, Married Fanny Hart and had 5 children.  Ordination 1844 in the 14th Quorum.  Baptized 1840, endowed in Nauvoo 30 Jan 1846.  Post Nauvoo Civil date:  Holden, Utah.  Post- Nauvoo Church Data: “Died full in the faith” 
Sources: Susan Black, Early LDS Members Rec 32: 707, Index, Nauvoo Land and Record Files 447: Index, 70s Bk B sel., pg 47; 70s Rec, Qrm 14.

Early LDS Members by Susan Black, pg. 707- 709
Nixon, George, Birth August 16, 1818, In Valenciennes, France, Parents, William Nixon and Margaret Kensey, married Frances Hart (from Pioneers) and married Fanny Hart (Nauvoo Temple Register)  married 1839 in Leek, Staffordshire, Eng.
  1. Charlotte Nixon, born 24 Dec 1840 (1838) in Leek, Staff, Eng
  2. Emma Nixon, born 1841 in Leek
  3. George William Nixon, born 26 Sep 1847 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
  4. Fanny Nixon, born 19 Jan 1851 in St. Louis
  5. Henry Nixon born 12 Feb 1853 in Fillmore, Millard, Utah
Died 19Jan 1854 in Fillmore, and buried there.
Bap 2 Jun 1840 end 30 Jan 1846 in Nauvoo, s/s 24May 1854 in Endowment House, and residency in Holden, Millard, Utah.
Comment #1-George is mentioned on the Continuing Church Record at Nauvoo, Illinois.
Reference: Nauvoo: Early Mormon… Series 1839-46. Platt, Lyman 1980
Comment #2 George came to Utah in 1853 with the Vincent Schurtliff company. 
Sources Cited throughout:
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah by Frank Esshom 1913.
Nauvoo Temple Register 1845-46
Mormons and Their Neighbors, by Marvin Wiggins
Family Group Sheet- self

From Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah by 1072
Nixon, George, Born 1818. Came to Utah 1853 Vincent Shurtliff company. 
            Married Frances Hart (Daughter of William Hart) who was born Feb. 22, 1818 and came to Utah in 1853, Vincent Schurliff company. 
Their children:
George William, b. Sep 26, 1847 m. Elizabeth H. Johnson, Oct 24, 1868
Charlotte b. Dec 24, 1838 M. William Robins July 7, 1859.
Fanny b. Jan 19, 1851, M. Frank Carling:
Stephen Henry b. Feb 12 1853, died Jan 3 1910
Family Home Holden, Millard co. Utah.
Autobiography of George Nixon
            Source: Seventies Record, 14th Quorum, Biographical Sketches, LDS Church Archives pg. 16. Grammar has been standardized.
            Page 16-  I {George Nixon} was born at Valenciennes, France, Agu 16 1818.  Was the seventh son of Wm. And Margarett Nixon.  My father was a native of Leek, Staffordshire, England.  He was the son of Francis and Hannah, Francis was the son of George and Ann.  My mother was the daughter of Samuel and Sarah Kinsey.  Samuel was the son of James and Dorothy.
            When my father was 20 years old he enlisted in the British Army, 14 years after when I was born he was sent to England thence to Ireland and in 1825 he was discharged, when he went to Leek.  I was about 7 years old.  I continued to live with my parents till I was 21 years old- 1839 when I married Fanny Hart, daughter of Wm. And Fanny from Witgreave, Staffordshire.
            In 1840 the servants of God brought the fullness of the Gospel to Leek, which I received and I and my wife were baptized by Elder R. Rushton, Nov 2.  Dec 30 I was ordained a priest by G. A. Smith, in which office I labored until April 6, 1841 when I was ordained an Elder Orson Hyde in which office I labored both preaching and baptizing and traveling form place to place according as I was sent, the Lord blessed my labors, my gifts and signs following.
            Sept 1844 I with my wife and two children Charlotte and Emma left England and after a passage of about 60 days arrived safe in Nauvoo in November.  In December I joined the 14th Quorum.

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