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Ann Green History 2

Ann Green Dutson Carling

From "Heart Throbs of the West " -Kate B. Carter
     Ann Carling holds the unique position of having had the prophet Joseph Smith lay his hands on her head and set her apart as a midwife.  He told her that she would be successful if she used herbs exclusively in her work.  Ann Carling then became known as the "Herb Doctor'.  She practiced her calling and brought hundreds of babies into the world and was blessed in this as the Prophet had promised her.  She had her own herb garden and made her own teas and medicines.  Most of the herbs grown in her garden had beautiful flowers.  Her garden therefore was valuable not only as a producer of herbs for medicinal purposes, but was valuable as a garden of beauty.
    For many years she was the only midwife in Fillmore, Utah, and neighboring towns.  Her fee was three dollars and she accepted it either in cash or merchandise.  She was not only godmother to all the babies but doctor for all the ills of both young and old.  Even the Indians came to her for aid.  Without knowing the scientific reasons, she practiced most of the sanitary measures we now know are so necessary.
     She was born in Herefordshire County, England, and was christened Ann Green.  She married John Dutson.  He mysteriously disappeared, leaving her with two small babies.  She was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Apostle Wilford Woodruff in 1840.  She came to Nauvoo in 1842, where she met and married a widower, John Carling.  It was during the time she was in Nauvoo that the Prophet Joseph Smith ordained Ann Carling as the "Herb Doctor". -West Millard County
          Copy among the papers of Laura Melvina Carling Porter

    Ann Green (Dutson) Carling was born 12 October 1799 in Lugwardines,  Herefordshire, England.  Baptized in 1840 by President Wilford Woodruff.  Left England in 1842 in company with relatives, crossing the sea with Apostle Orson Hyde on his return from Jerusalem.  She remained at St. Louis during the winter of 1842 and in the spring of 1843 joined the Saints at Nauvoo.  She married John Carling 10 February 1844.  Emigrated to Utah in 1852, settled in Provo, but moved to Fillmore in 1853 with her husband who was called to help settle Southern Utah.
  On 3 July 1893 she had a paralytic stroke and, on 16 July 1893, she died.  She and John had but two children-Francis Caleb and Joseph Matthew-but she was mother to many, and loved by all.  She passed through many trials with the saints and was faithful to her covenants to the end.

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