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Charles Lamoni Green 1866 History

(taken from History of Idaho)

Charles Lamoni Green Jr. Who followed ranching in Hagerman Valley of Gooding County was born in Millard County, Utah, May 27, 1866 and a son of Charles Lamoni Green and Sarah Ruth Smith Green.  The former native of Missouri while the later was born in Sheffield, England.  The father made 2 trips across in an early day to Salt Lake City and later moved to Deseret, Utah.  He took up land and built thereon an adobe house.  He later moved to Oak Creek, Utah, trading his old farm property to a place at Leamington, Utah.  He then followed agriculture until he moved to Camas Prairie, Idaho.  Here he secured a tract of land on which he spent his last days.  He died at the age of 55 in Hagerman, Idaho. (see footnote #1)  The mother later moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where she spent the last days of her life.  They were members of the L.D.S. Church.
Charles Lamoni Green Jr. spent his boyhood days in Utah removing his residence of that state at the age of 28.  When he went to Willy's ranch at the head of the Blackfoot River in Idaho remaining in the employee of Hyrum Willy's for 2 years.  He next worked at the Birch Creek, a tributary of the Snake River, being employed in a logging camp there.
He afterward went to Hailey where he worked in the timber and later removed to Hagerman Valley, Idaho.  There he entered the employ of O.P. Johnson,  rancher with whom he continued to work for 3 years.
He was next at Baker City, Oregon, where he was employed in a mining camp for a short time and then removed to Silver City, Idaho, where he engaged in mining for O.P.   Johnson and was afterward identified with placer mining in the same Locality.  He next made his way to Camas Prairie where he engaged in handling of livestock, but afterward sold his cattle and again came to Hagerman purchasing 40 acres of improved land which he cultivated until 1900.  He then sold the property and bought his present ranch, which is a well cultivated and improved tract of land.  He likewise became associated with Thomas Edward Thompson in the ownership of a meat market and restaurant in Hagerman, and thus taking a prominent place in the business circle of the town.  Later he purchased his partners interest in the business and after conducting it alone for a time sold it to Charles Owens.  He is now operating a dairy in connection with his ranching interests.
In 1888, Mr. Green was married to Miss Charlotte E. Carling, a daughter of Francis and Frances (Nixon) Carling, a native of Fillmore, Utah.  Her father was born in England and her mother in Missouri.   The family lived at Oak Creek and later in Leamington, Salt Lake City and at Star Valley Wyoming.  Subsequently return was made to Salt Lake and then to Rigby Idaho, where the mother of Mrs. Green (Francis Nixon) passed away.
To Mr. And Mrs. Green have been born nine children:
Charles Franklin
Mabel Ann
John William
Charlotte Emma
Leo Earl
Alta Edne
Eva Valera Emiline
Thressie Trecilia
 Ordella Lucille.

Mr. Green voted for the Republican Party which he has supported since age confered upon him the right of franchise.
He is now well known in the Hagerman Valley and Southern Idaho where mining and ranching interests have brought him prominently before the public as a progressive and representative business man.  He and his family are now widely and favorably known in this section of the state and occupy and enviable position in the social circles.

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