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Samuel Trescott and Margaret Rogers

!An Account of the Ventures, Adventures, and Misadventures of William Trescott.

Samuel 2 Trescott married Margaret Rogers, born 1741/42, daughter of Jeremiah and Mehitable Pierce Rogers.  Both families lived in Dorchester at the time, but the Rogers family moved to Lancaster, Mass.  That town was burned by Indians and the records were destroyed.  Possibly some attempt was made to reconstruct them, which added to the confusion.
     The Lancaster attack was on 10 Feb 1676.  The town was almost completely sacked and burned by the Indians.  Many settlers died fighting.  Others were killed trying to escape from the burning garrisons.  Twenty-two, including Mrs. Rowlandson, the minister's wife, were captured and taken by slow, painful marches as far north as Vermont.   Mrs. Rowlandson was brought back to Princeton where on 2 May 1676, she was ransomed on a spot now marked by Redemption rock.. The other surviving captives were ransomed at later dates and various places. Three members of the Rogers family were among the victims.
     Jeremiah Rogers was born in England and the date of his arrival in this country is not known.  His first child, Jeremiah Jr., married 1st., Dorcas____, and 2nd, Abigail, daughter of William and Elisabeth Trescott.  He lived in Salem and was a wheelwright.  He was not mentioned in his father's will, but joined in a deed with his brothers, Ichabod and Jehosophat, in conveying their father's estate to Edward Phelps, of Andover. (Middlesex Co. Deeds, V15,p261-262 Although Jeremiah, Sr. died 12 Sep 1676, the deed was dated 12 May 1710, so it may have taken 34 years to settle the estate for one reason or another.
     Occupations of the signatories are given.  Ichabod was a cordwainer and Jehosophat a tailor.  With Jeremiah a wheelwright, all three were trades well known in southwestern England counties.  A cordwainer was a complete shoemaker, especially skilled in working with fine-grained and soft leather, such as cordovan.
     After Margaret, who married Samuel Trescott, Jeremiah Senior had Mehitable, born 6 Oct 1658, died in infancy; Icabod, born 9 Nov 1659 at Dorchester; Abigail, died 6 Mar 1678/79, could have been the child of either wife, since no birth date is known.  Her death is recorded in both Lancaster and Dorchester records.
     Children of the second marriage were:  Jehosophat, born Oct 4 1663, in Lancaster, and Mehitable, same date, apparently twins; Abiah, born 6 Jul 1666, in Lancaster, married William warren 1 Nov 1690, in Boston; and Bathsheba, born 2 Nov 1673, in Lancaster.
     Bathsheba and her mother both died 10 Mar 1676, from effects of injuries suffered at the hands of Indians when Lancaster was burned.
     The William Trescotts moved to Milton, Mass, in 1687.  Samuel 2 and John 2 Trescott were elected tithing men in 1684, and Samuel 2 had been elected singly on 13 Jan 1681/82.
     Little is known of Samuel's life except that he was interested in a grist mill on the Neponset river in Mattapan in 1710, though his occupation was listed as a farmer.  His home in Milton was on the east side of the Brush Hill Road, opposite the driveway to the Robbins Place.  Traces of the cellar remained in 1903, when his nearby well was still in use.
     Dorchester church records contain this entry: "Samuel Trescott, born 4 Nov 1646, is by God's mercy an active man in Feb 1728/29."  He died in Milton 30 Jul 1730, and his wife died 19 Mar 1742, in her 89th year.

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