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William Stevenson Letters

April 28, 1930

Dear Maybell,

     We are in Airland Canyon and will go through Malad tomorrow.  We have been in the mountains for two weeks.  There has been lots of storm and we are getting along fine so far. 
     I hope you are having a good time and has the folks told you how foolish you are for going with the old gray head and old enough to be your father.   If they do give you advice, think it over girl.  But be careful you know me better than they do.  I taught you to care and to love and how I was true blue to you and always will be.  And why because you were so good and kind to me, the sun shines forever when I was with you.  Then I could look in to your eyes and they seemed to say I love you better than words can tell.  But for all of that girl, many thanks for the hours I spent with you.  And don’t forget you promised me one more night with you.
     You taught me how to love you.  Now teach me to forget.  I wish I could be there Wednesday night to see you home safe.  But I will think of you and pray for you. 
     Well how is everybody there.  I hope they are fine.  Sweetheart if you care to write to me, you can send it to Grace, Idaho in care of Guy Robbins.  We will be there in ten days.  If no bad luck hit us when we get to Dayton, I will drop you a few lines and let you know how we are getting along.  That will be the next town we stop at.  Once again, I say I love you dear.  And I always found time for you and to help you because you appreciate it.  You will
 be in my dreams tonight, Love.
                                  With love to you and you alone, as ever,    Bert

Sunday Night,

May 4, 1930

Dear Maybell,

     We are at Dayton tonight and it is raining but we are all well.  I hope you are.
     We will be to the end of the trail by next Sunday and I will be glad.  And when I get there, I will have more time to write and think of what to tell you.   I wish I was there tonight to hear the songs we both love so well.   And to say once again I love you dear because you taught me to.
     Say girl if you don’t like to read the kind stuff I write just throw it in the fire. 
     There isn’t any news to tell you only that the mountains are all in bloom with the sweetest flours and there are so pretty.   How is all the folks down this?
    Say, wasn’t it funny how we met and taught one another to love each other, to care like we did.  But some time I will come back and you can tell me all over again.
     I love to hear you say I love you dear, and then kiss me and then we build the furture. For you and some one else, but never mind girl, we was happy and had lots of pleasures out of it and we never will forget.  
    Say if all these words aren’t spelled write, just put a mark on them and sent them back, I will do better next time.
     Some one will share your dreams and some one cares, and some one cares a lot.  I will pray for you Dear and ask that the angels watch over you till we met again.
                                                            Love to you and you alone,     Bert

May 14, 1930

Dear Maybell,
     I received both of your letters and was glad to get all the news.  I received one the 9 and the other on the 12.  I was glad to get all the home news.   But sorry to hear of Sister Berlin death.  And about the boy that got hurt.  I enjoy reading your letters and to note that you are having a good time and that you had such a lovely program Sunday.  Yes, the girls came with Mrs. Robbins last Saturday, they are going to stay for a little while and then I am going to take them to Twin Falls.  Rena is going to work about the 15 of June. Ruth passed in her grade in school and Rena did to.  They don’t like it over here very much, so Lea wants them to come and live with her for the summer, so she got Rena a job.
       Yes, I guess Hogs still has enough to say about us, but that don’t go very far with me.  Are what anyone else have to say, only you.  I don’t want anyone to hurt your feelings.
     I am sorry that Coleman and Parker had trouble and that they had to bring you into help settle it.  But I remembered you that night and felt for you and I know how you hate trouble.  
    If the world had more folks in it like you, Dear, it would be better off.  And when you want to tell your trouble to any one, tell it to me and you know that no one else ever on what you tell me, and that a lot I wouldn’t be like some folks can’t be trusted.  I have been true blue to you so far and always will be.   No matter whoms you are, where you are.  I will still be true to you, Dear.  The things you taught me and I love you for it.
      I would like to talk to you again and renew the book once more.  When I see you again, Maybe we can.  Because no one knows the happy hours we spent but you and I. Although you said that an office girl didn’t amount to much, but you do and you are not like some I know.  Well be true to yourself and to whom you love best.
    And I will remember you when you are in deep thought, and think of you every night.  And asked that the angels guard the way when you are out alone and see you home safely.
    I will say good night to you dearest.   Love and best wishes, Bert.

P.S.  I am going to work for Mr. G.W. Robbins next week.

May 23, 1930

Dear Maybell,
   Well I have thought of you a lot the day or two and wondered why the Bishop called on you to help to settle trouble between Coleman and Parker but when you see me you can explain to me just what was the trouble and why they wanted you to help out.  It is to bad when people can’t live in a little town like that without having so much trouble.  But the world is full of that kind of trouble.  There ought to be more folks like you in the world and I don’t think there would much of any kind of trouble.  Although you are an office girl and have a terrible disposition, that don’t spell much in your case.  It is the kind of  a girl you are that makes folks think the world and all of you.  The service you render and the manner in which you give it.  
     No, I won’t get tired of the town gossip or reading your letters.  I enjoy the news you tell me in them.  Yes, 50 years is a long time to live together.  But it is sure nice when they can and be happy all that long while. 
    I hope they don’t have trouble to the dances,  in Acequia anymore and that they can have a good time and enjoy themselves.
    I hop you have a good time.  Yes, Dear, When I return again, you and I can complete the book we have written and no one will ever know that book but you and I.  No you have anything to worry about, the world is yours or the big part is;  when you cry you alone and when you smile the world smiles with you.  I don’t think it will to long before you see me that is if you want to see me because when I go to Twin Falls, I will stop in Acequia a few days.  There isn’t much news to tell you about this part of the country.  I don’t know to many folks yet.  Yes, Dear, I will remember you always just like you was my own.  That is if you care for me to, and I asked that the angels guard the way when you are alone.
                                                                        With lots of love, Bert

Grace, Idaho

July 4, 1930

Dear Maybell,

     I received your ever welcome letter Thursday the 1st and glad to get it.  I enjoy reading your letters to get some of the news from home.
    I got a letter from Lea the same day, they are going to Logan and go through the Temple, they will go with the Minidoka Stake excursion.  The Girls are going to, and I am sure glad that they can go now and be sealed to one another before it is too late.  It will be nice for the girls to be baptized for the dead.
    I did not know the newlyweds that were married in Rupert but they will get married and I guess it is all right to if they but can live happily together forever after.
    Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Miller was here for two days.  The lady friend did not come up here.  She went to Soda with another friend from Rupert.  I will tell you how when I see you again.
     Yes, the few nights that I were there will be long remembered by me and I think by you too. So many sweet thoughts written in the book.
    Do you remember the Monday night we sat in the car and the frogs and on both sides.  The night was lovely and will never be forgotten.
     Yes, it is nice to travel but She is not in my class.  Do you think that it is for all good that she travels or is it to just be some one big so she can tell us how grand it all it.  Well it is so nice to be some one don’t you think.
   Well this is enough lonesome, I don’t know whether it is worth the money or not.  Well sweet memories forever, good night.                Best Wishes,   Bert

                The night was quiet, and we
                 sat in the shadow of the trees,
                 And the moon rose in the East,
                 But not quick enough to see
                 I told you a story that
                 Someone told me,
                 And you turned your back on me
                 And wished you could have vanished into space.
                 Oh, But think of the many many
                 Happy hours it meant. To you and I.

July 14, 1930

Dear Maybell,
    I received your letter that you wrote on the 6, on 12, and I hope you got the let I sent on the 5, I gave it to a sheep man that was going to Logan to post.  Yes, I was up here alone quite awhile.  Robbins came back on the 7 of July.  And Lea and Forrest came on 8, they came from Logan up here to get me and I went back with them and went through the Temple on 9.  It was so grand, the Spirit that was there and the wonderful talk that was give. And If I got it right there will be some thing happening to this world that we live in before too long if the people don’t live a little different.  And when I see you, I will tell you some of the things they told us if  you care to hear it.  I came back the same day the 9 and have been alone since then till tonight and have thought a lot about some things.  And I will be alone again.  We have sold the lambs and Mr. Robbins will go with them.  Yes, it has been hot here too, but we have had lots of rain.  Some real ones that wash the hills away and I wonder sometimes if it won’t take me down to.  So much for that.
   Your letters interest me, yes the happy time is when some one bring me a letter from you.  I enjoy the things you tell me in them and I read them over and over.  Burn them, no I can’t, I think too much of you to burn one of them and don’t let your mind run that way. You know they are interest to me and to get the news from home.  I wish that I were there some time to spend some of the lonesome hours with you in the moon light.  You know some of those rides in the moon light that we enjoyed so much.  And then go home and listen to the record you taught me love to love you and now teach me to forget.  I wish I were there tonight to listen to some of the records that Harrae played to you the night you wrote this letter.  By the way, Tell Harrae that his dog is going to make a good one or I think so.
    Think of me, why you think of me so often but dear, I know you can’t help thinking of me sometimes and I know there is a warm spot in your heart for me.  And you know I care for you a lot.  Thanks for the clippings from the paper.  Thanks for you letters.  Thanks for your company and the hours you spent with me and I hope some day I can pay you for it all.  I have enjoyed so much.  I have been a better man since I met you.  Thanks again for your kindness and your company and I hope I will have the pleasure of enjoying a few more nights with you.  I have something I want to tell you. Take more of my time.  My time is your time, when you are writing to me and I love to hear from you and then think of it all over again.
    How I sat and read the story in those pretty dark eyes.  But what does it all mean.   Your happiness and some one else.   You had better burn this letter if someone would see it there would think I had it bad, they don’t know the story like we do.   Read this card I am sending and see if you can get anything out of it.  Well, dear, sweet dreams and a good night.

                       With best wishes to you,         Bert

August 4, 1930

Dear Maybell,
     I have just received your letter that you wrote on the 18th of July and was sure glad to get it.   So you can see that someone is playing their part in keeping me from getting your letters.  They have went to the valley about every other day and would be gone some times for two or three days to a time.  You know how I mean.  But nevertheless I sure was glad to hear from you and to get some of the town news.  And to know that you were having such a good time with your M.I.A. meeting.  But be good now after all this years.  Some one will come and then you happy days will be forever them and think what it mean to you and some one else, it won’t be to long before there will be a change in this world if I get things right and when I see you I will tell you what I mean.  I haven’t been any where for about three weeks so don’t know very much about what’s going on in the world.  But from the talk of Robbins, things must be getting awful down here in some of the wards.  But do you know that it is sure to come true that the very best of us will fall if we are not careful and watch our step.  Yes, they will get married and it is all right with me.  Yes, I suppose people would think we were of in the head all right if they knew half of what we think or say some times about our selves or about your future, they would say that I was crazy to build yours for you and more for myself.   But we know the book, they don’t.  I wish I were there some time to enjoy some of the Stake Meets, some times.  There was a Rupert boy picked  up here in the hill the other day, not far from where my camp is for stealing cattle and was put under $5000 bond.   So if it isn’t one thing it is another.  Well I you see your before long I guess about the last of the month.  I just want one more talk with you and to renew some things.  No matter what folks think, what we think is not evil is it.  And that is what is in most folks minds these days.
   I am using a rock for my writing table and it isn’t very smooth.  Well there int’ any news up here in the hills, so be good and I will remember you as if you were my own.  And Think of you often.  And share your dreams and care for you a lot, Dear.
     You will have a chance.

                                With the Best of wishes for you, as ever,     Bert

August 23, 1930

Dear Maybell,
    I received letter all O.K. and was sure glad to hear from you once more.  I enjoy so much to get a letter from you.  The summer will soon be gone and one more year will soon close up and I wonder what the next one will bring for you.  I hope happiness and pleasure for you, but we will wait and see.   I suppose Eva is happy now and has nothing to pine over now and I suppose that her mother is just as happy about it as the girl.  And I am glad for her myself.  As she thought she was going to be left.   Well so much for that. 
    Well, Dear, do answer this note as I will be home before long and then I would like to talk to you if I may and spend one more night of happiness.

                                             Best wishes to you,    As ever,      Bert

January 25, 1957

Dear Son,
    I promised to write you a letter.  Well here I am at it.  I hope you are well and happy.  I hope you don’t freeze your ears too bad because they can get mighty hard to take of if you do.  
Well, Mom has just left to go back to work and Bud has just gone home.  He hasn’t had any work all week.  He don’t have time to do any thing but take care of Mom and the baby.  Well about the cows and the chores.  I am milking 6 and got 16 head of young thing to feed.  So I am busy all day.  Well about myself.  I have some days good and some days not so good.  I hope I can hold up another year, until you come home.  But don’t worry about things here because I will get along all right.  We had a good crop of beans last year, but we haven’t gotten all the money yet.  They are slow to pay this last year.   But I guess we will get it.  The winter is quite cold, has been down to zero quit a lot of the time.  And we have some snow.  I guess Mom told you all about the news in the ward in her letter.
    How do you like the people up there.  I hope fine.  I suppose you have time to read a lot.  And then pray to your Father in Heaven often so you can have his Spirit to prompt you, and I am sure that being prayerful will help, you in making a success of your labors.  I ask the Lord every day to help you and keep you from sickness or anything of an evil nature.  I hope you will have a chance to talk often in all your meetings.  By doing is the way we learn.
    Well Bud has just came in with the Bean check from Woodruffs which I am very glad.  I don’t know when I will get my from Campbell Co.
    Well I guess I had better go down to Bud.  We feel bad the way things turned out with them.  I will write you again after while and let you know all about the cows and the stock before I sell any of them.
   I ask the Lord to bless you with all is choicest blessing.  And hope you be well.   I remain as ever, your Loving Father.
              W. A. Stevenson.
 I hope you can read this.  I am such a poor speller, as you will see.

February 7, 1958

Dear Son,
   Just a line tonight to tell you not to fret about home.  We will get along.  We’ll here a little and when you get home we will talk about it then.  I am so happy that you love the work so well.  And that you have a testimony of the Lord work.  And that you are doing so well.   Everything is going along all right a home.   I think Mom is sending the money for your car in the morning.  And I hope it is a good one.  And three weeks will soon go.  
   So good luck to you and ask the Lord to bless you always.  I think of you all the time and wonder how you are.
                         Best wishes to you,

Friday Note

Dear Bert,
    Received your letter and glad you got back to your Base O.K.  It sure is cold here again today.  It is trying to storm a little, a good rain would help a lot.  We have had so much cold wind.
    We got our alfalfa and pasture seed in yesterday and got the water this morning to water it.  We have to fire it up in the morning.  Have most of bean ground ready to irrigate when we can get the water.  Bud and Daddy worked about 5 hours over to church farm last night.  Daddy has to go back to finish harrowing when they finish the plowing.
     Mel is sick.  He went to Doctor yesterday.  Back again today and has to go to Burley Hospital Tuesday and Thursday for x-rays and tests.  Doctor thinks it might be an infection of some kind.  He is starting out similar to what he was 4 years ago. 
    May and Charles went to temple today with Beth and Dean. We took care of the kids.  Aunt Em and Uncle Charl and Lula and Lamar went with them.  We would like to have gone, but couldn’t very well.
     Mother and dad neither one expect any thanks for what we have done for our family.
     We told you when you married Elaine, if that was your choice, we could accept her in the family.  How well she fits in will depend entirely on two people, Bert and Elaine.   Your marrying her didn’t hurt nearly as much as it did to have you treat 3 little girls and their mother as you did after you came home.  Just why you disliked them so much I couldn’t figure out.  True we gave them a building spot but you and Bud could have had the same.  Of all the family you should have been the most tolerant after two years of studying the Gospel, but you have been the least tolerant with all the family.  True, we have our faults and perhaps don’t run with the in laws, but never the less we have tried to provide you with a home and necessities and in doing so have deprived ourselves of some things in order for you all to have the best we could afford.  After you got home too often we were wrong and you were always right, as to how well your family will fit in again depends on two people, Bert and Elaine, you know the statements, you have made, so now they will have to be recalled before we can do anything.   There is no difference in our love for Mae’s and Bud’s family. Each have made a place for themselves, we gave you a chance last spring to help on the farm and work out too, but that wasn’t your choice.  Had you followed our suggestion then, we could have done something about your draft, as it was there was no choice.  Your decision worked a hard ship on us last year, but hope and pray we will have health and strength enough to see this year though and hope things will work out for the best for you.
    Hope you don’t feel offended with that I have said.  We think just as much of you as the other kids and will still help you all we can if possible.
    Saturday, They took Mel to the hospital this morning between 6 and 7.  We are going to Burley now to see him. Doctor Trehune is out over week end but Kelly too think it is caused from an infection and not from his heart.  Although it is affecting his heart.  We’ll let you know every few days how he is.  He couldn’t walk this morning and his hand are starting to swell.
    Write and let us know how you like your schooling.
                                          Mother and dad

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