Thursday, June 14, 2012

Elizabeth Cousins

   Sister Elizabeth Cousins Crystal, the subject of this sketch, born in a the town of Dysart, Fife, Scotland, February 25, 1832.  She joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in her native land when she was quite young and from that time, until the day of her death, she remained a faithful Latter-Day Saint.
     She married Andrew Crystal, May 11, 1850.  With her husband and family she emigrated to Utah in 1863 crossing the plains with the church ox teams.  This was long, tedious journey during which they buried one of their children, a young boy named William.  They arrived in American Fork, Utah late in that year and suffered many of the inconveniences and hardships common to our people in the early days.  Her husband died thirty years before her in 1891 leaving her to rear the younger children the best way she could.
    Sister Crystal was a dutiful, kind, and affectionate wife and mother.  She was a neighbor who was well respected and who was always ready and willing to assist those who needed sympathy and support.  For many years during the latter part of her life she was a cripple and suffered much from paralysis of the lower limbs.  No doubt this was induced by the hard work she often did out of doors to keep things in order around her home, particularly her beautiful flower garden which was her constant pride and joy.
   When Sister Crystal died February 2, 1921, she was the oldest lady in American Fork and was nearly 89 years of age.  We have reason to believe that she has gone to reap a great and just reward for her good work and for the example she set to her friends and neighbors.  She, in connection with her loved ones who have gone on before, will be crowned with glory and eternal life in our Father’s kingdom.
    She was the mother of 13 children, seven of whom have preceded her in death.  Those surviving are: Elizabeth, (Betsy) Crystal Crookston, American Fork;
                       Margaret Crystal Robinson, American Fork;
                       David Crystal, Idaho;
                       Peter Crystal, Salt Lake City;
                       Janet (Nettie) Crystal, Yontz, Arizona; and
                       John Crystal, American Fork 
      Together with a host of grandchildren and great grand children.
     The author of this brief sketch, James Crystal, who with his sister Mary Crystal Wagstaff, emigrated to Utah in 1866.  When they arrived in Utah the only relatives in American Fork were Uncle Andrew and his good wife Elizabeth.  They welcomed them into their home until they could provide for themselves.  The kindness extended to them by their Uncle and Aunt, together with many other manifestations of their love and affection will always be remembered and appreciated, especially due to the fact that in those early days almost everyone was poor and had all they could do to provide room and subsistence for their own families.
     This story was written in 1921 by James Crystal, a nephew.  Submitted to the Crystal Family Organization by Emma Crystal Adamson the youngest of Peter and Nancy Crystal 1965.

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