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Simon Wheeler Family Notes

Registry of Deeds, Sagadahoc Co. Courthouse, Bath, I-Tainr, (rest Lincoln Deeds)
James 0. Hathorn, Samuel Hathorn, JOSEPH WHEELER, MARY WHEELER, Philip Tarbox, Martha Tarbox, Eliza G, Hathorn, Robert Alan Maxwell, Abigail Maxwell, all of Bowdoinham, and Seth Fathorn, Fanny Hathorn of Woolwich, grantors, to Jeremiah Millay of Bowdoinham; land in Bowdoinham, north of lot owned by James Sampson; signed 10 Mar 1819; witnesses George Headden Samuel Gray, William Decker, Thomas Berry (Deed 3:38)
(Note:  The Joseph and Mary Wheeler above are the parents of children recorded in Bowdoinham VR on another page of this report.  The deed appears to be a quit claim of the Hathorn family and their spouses, Mary Wheeler of Bowdoinham was then a Hathorn by birth.  FRB)

Registry of_Deeds, Kennebec Co, Courthouse, Augusta,__Maine
Robert Curtis of Greene, yeoman, to David Wheeler of Grene, yeoman; land in Greene, part of lots 192 and 193, near Abel Crocker, John Caswell, Abraham Richmond; signed 12 Dec 1814; witnesses: Luther Robbins, Luther Robbins, Jr. (Deed 23:397)

Robert Curtis of Greene, yeoman, to Samuel Maloon of Greene, yeoman; land in Greene "west by the pond," north by road and also abutted by John Caswell's land and Abraham Richmond; signed 17 Feb 1819 (31:243)

Josiah Little of Newbury to SIMON WHEELER OF GREENE, YEOMAN; southwesterly half of lot
#226, about 40 acres; witnesses: Edward Little, Freeman Landers; signed 7 Sept 1813, recorded 30 Dec 1823 (49:70)
(Note: I could find no grantor deeds where Simon Wheeler sold this property* FRB)

David Wheeler of Leeds to Abraham Wheeler and David Wheeler, Jr.; land in Leeds; 1823
(49:53, 55)

Registry of Deeds, Penobscot Co. Courthouse, Bangor, Maine
Jeremy Nelsch of Lincoln, husbandman, to SIMON WHEELER  OF PLACED CALLED MOLLUNCAS, HUSBANDMAN: lot no. 13  where Wheeler now lives, near Aroostook Rd and junction of Military Road; signed 19 Mar 1833, witness, Ira Fish (34:539) (Jeremy Nelson was Simon's son-in-law, daughter Deborah's husband.  FRB)
SIMON WHEELER OF TOWNSHIP NO. 1 IN 5TH RANGE, YEOMAN, to Ira Kilgore of Newry, Oxford Co,; parcel of land in township..being lot no. 13; also signed by SARAH WHEELER, WIFE OF SIMON 13 Mar 1833 acknowledged same day; witness Abiel D, Morton (37:231)

LEVI WHEELER of an UNICORPORATED PLACE in Junction of Arrostock with Military Road, Husbandman to SIMON WHEELER of same place, Husbandman: lot no- 13 in the Chamberlain half township;  signed 20 July 1836, ack. same day; witness Ira Fish (82:313)

Nelson Herren of Houlton, Aroostook, yeoman, to SIMON WHEELER now residing at Junction of Miliatary Road and Aroostock Road, Aroosctock, Yeoman for $4,600; 100 acres of land in Charleston,:
lot   192 and also 179 acres in Garland and a three acre lot in Charleston; also signed by
Nancy Herrin I Apr 1842; witnesses: R.S. Pitman, J.A.J. Lincoln (132:120)

SIMON WHEELER of Charleston, Yeoman, , to Jacob Wheeler of Molunkus, ,Aroostook, yeoman; 50 acre parcel  of land in Charleston and piece of land in Garland; also signed by SARAH WHEELER, WIFE ON SIMON, 14 Oct 1843, ack, same day; witness: Asa Barton (142:502)

Jeremy Nelson of Lincoln, husbandman, to LEVI WHEELER OF Township No. 1 in 5th Range West of the Monument, Husbandman; lot no. 13; signed 28 Dec 1833; witness Ira Fish

Muster Roll of Capt. Daniel Hills co. Mar-Dec 1748, New Marblehead (Windham,) Maine, Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, Vol V. p 178-179
Officers: Simon Wheeler of Concord, Corporal; Centinels or privates: Samson Wheeler of Concord.
(Note: This Simon I feel sure is Simon, later of Westford/Acton.  Samson, whom I believe to be Simon’s brother, later lived in Acton Where his children’s births are recorded 1752-1772.  Concord was the parent town for the surrounding towns of Lincoln, Acton, Westford, Etc. FRB)

Lincoln co. Deeds, Wiscasset, Maine.  Lincoln Co. Deed 12:101
Simon Wheeler residing at a place about Bowdoinham, yeoman, to John Read of Boston, Suffolk Co, Mass. Yeoman, about 150 acres of land in said place (above Bowdoinham) settler’s lot M being part of lot no. 24 grants to James Bowdoin, esq.  By the Kennebec Propreietors; Signed 13 Sep 1774, signature acknowledged 14 Jan 1777; witnessed by Smauel Oldham and John Wheeler.
                                    Lincoln Deed 20:163
Simon Wheeler of a place called Fairfield, yeoman, to James Samson of Bowdoinman, blacksmith land in Fairfield bounded by lot in possession of William Lunt, 113 acres; signed and acknowledged 31 Oct, 1786; witnesses John Merrel, John Whitten.

Hancock County Deeds Ellsworth, Maine. Hancock Co. deed 9:312
Simon Wheeler of place called Colburnton Plantation on Penobscot River, yeoman (Later called Orono. FRB) to Ard Godfrey and George Read of Colburnton Plantation, yeoman; land in Colburnton Plantation; Signed 2 Nov 1801; acknowlegded Bangor 14 Nov 1801; Witnesses: Joseph Treat, Jona Lowder.

Court of Common Pleas Record, Vault Room, Lincoln Co. Courthouse, Wiscasset Maine.
 James White of Bowdoinham, shinglemaker, plaintiff, v. Simon Wheeler of Bowdoinham, labourer; suit for affirmation of the judgement of one pout three shilling, four pence against Wheeler, (original judgement was on 29 July, last); judgment again against Wheeler; no date , but appears to have been in 1765. (Vol I:116)

Abiel Lovejoy of Pownalborough (established in 1760 as a town, later became towns of Wiscasset, Dresden, Alna) gentle, plaintiff. V. Simon Wheeler, of Bowdoinman, yeoman, defendant; suit to recover four pounds, two pence, plus interest by an agreement made 16 Jan 1764; judgment against Wheeler 2 July 1766, 24 Oct 1766. (Vol I:136)

Simon Wheeler of Bowdoinman, yeoman, plaintiff. V. Francis Whittemore of Medford, Middlesex Co., Mass, gentleman, suit to recover 20 pounds, ten shillings, sixpence for a quantity of shingles, pine plank stock, hemlock bark, and pine timber, by agreement 30 Nov 1765, judgment for Wheeler, 26 June 1767 (Vol I:171)

Paul Nuten of Woolwich, yeoman, plaintiff, v. Simon Wheeler, residing at the West Side of the River Kennebeck, defendant, (yeoman), suit to recover two pounds, one shilling, fourpence due before 1 May 1767; judgement against Wheeler 12 Oct 1768, 13 Apr 1769 (VolI. :255)

Proprietors of the common and undivided lands in the Kennebeck Purchase, plaintiffs, v. Simon Wheeler of Pownalborough, husbandman, defendant; demand (his removal from) a parcel of Swan Island situated in the Kennebeck River, in Pownalborough, approximately 77 acres and 48 rods, bounded by land in possesssion of Silvester Gardener, Esq. The river, land of James Whidden nd the river; judgment for Wheeler; no date but probably 1770 (Vol II:62)

Notes from FRB.  August 26, 1982.
The most important find in yesterday’s search was proof that Simon Wheeler (who I believe very strongly was the father of Simon Wheeler of  Greene) was in Bowdoinhan as early as 16 Jan 1764, when he borrowed money from Abiel Lovejoy of Pownalborough. He would have been 21 years of age and not yet a farmer (yeoman), Notice that he was a "labourer" a term often used for a young (or old) man without property.  He probably was not married at this time either, However, I now believe that we can safely be more confident in believing that he also married in the Bowdoinham area. (This is why it is so important to find a family grouping that used the names David, Ann or Nancy, Mary and Rebecca - names not common to the Wheelers and Temples.)

It is also apparent that Simon Wheeler moved from Bowdoinham to Swan Island in the late 1760s.  This is probably the land he sold in Lincoln Co, Deed 12:101  to John Read of Boston (See my first report).  At least in that deed he called himself "residing at a place above Bowdoinham.  This was the deed signed 13 Sept 1774 and witnessed by John Wheeler.  He would eventually remove to Fairfield on the upper Kennebec River, At the same time Ebenezer Temple, his first cousin, would settle along with him there.  Later they would both re-settle in Bowdoin, ME where they would both sign patition3 in 1789 and 1790, respectively-

Although we still do not have the name of Simon Wheeler's wife, I feel even more confident that the Simon Wheeler of Bowdoinhan, 1764-1767, was the son of Simon and Sarah (Temple) Wheeler of Acton, MA and the father of the Wheelers of Bowdoin/Greene, ME. Since he was such an elusive landowner, I also wonder if it was he who was the member of the committee to establish schools in Croons in 1803. In other words although we find no land records for him in Greene, it might have been him, instead of his 21 year old son, who was chosen for the committee. He might have been "away" when the census taker took the enumeration in 1700 leaving a wife or oldest daughter to be classified as bead of the household.  Still, according to the tax valuation list of 1792, David Wheeler was the head of the Household, indicating that Simon, if he had resettled elsewhere, had left a 20 year old young man as head of his household. It would seem most reasonable to conclude, then, that Simon Wheeler, the father probably died sometime in 1790.

From March 24, 1984 letter notes from FBR.

Middlesex Files, Civil and Superior Court Records, Clerk of Court’s Office, Cambridge MA.

Jonathon Wheeler, Lansaster, 1730 120 A I- Not attending public worship.

Selectman of Acton are allowed to enter their caution against…. Sarah Wheeler and two children who came from Westford in May last (General Sessions, circa Sept 1755, Book, May 1748-1761, p. 368)  I am very certain that this record, called a warning out, refers to your Sarah (Temple) Wheeler and probably her son Simon.  She probably was destitute and in need of public assistance.  By the action of the court she could be ordered back to Westford, or at least to be removed from Acton.  There were many of these “warning out” in colonial times.  For the record it is apparent, then, that Sarah Wheeler was still living as a widow in 1755.

Lancaster Ma Vital Records,
P 274.  Mary Wheeler, wife of Jonathan, owned covenant and had daughter Mary bap 27 Jul 171?
p. 275 Obediah, son of Jonathon Wheeler, bap  26 May 1717  (This is a name not given in the Wheeler Family book as a son of Jonathon. It is also interesting that it is the name of the father of Jonathon of Concord, I believe if we are to accept the general premises of Tolman’s Wheeler Family of Old Concord, Richard Wheeler’s family kept in contact with the Concord cousins.)
p. 277 20 Aug 1720 bap. Jonathan Wheeler’s child at Shrewsbury (FBR checked Shrewsbury MA VR but could find no references to Jonathon or family.)

Acton Vital Records
 Children of Joseph and Ruth Wheeler include Enos, born in 1738 (pg 112-115)

Carlisle Vital Records (carlisle up until 1780 was part of Acton and Concord, Mass.)
p. 70 John Temple of Bowdoinham and Molly Mason married 25 Apr 1786.
p.99  Widow Sarah Wheeler diead 29 Mar 1809 (could be Sarah (temple) Wheeler, but probably Sarah (Parlin) Wheeler, wife of Samson Wheeler, a brother of the first Simon Wheeler, of Acton FRB)

Revolutionary Records of Lincoln co. Maine
John Temple, 64 years, of Bowdoinham, “ June 1820l wife Mary, Lt. Capt Parker’s co. Col Jed Baldwin’s Regt. Mass. Line

Marriage in Cumberland County, Maine, (From County Commissioner’s Office.)
p. 88 Benjamin Finney and Mary Wheeler 24 June 1793, Brunswick
p. 104 David Reed and Jenny Dunlap, 12 Feb 1795, Brunswick
p. 35 John Wheeler and Ann Thompson, 16 Apr 1790, Harpswell

Middlesex Co. (Mass.) Probate Records, Cambridge, Mass.
Middlesex Co. Probate #24344 Administration on estate of Simon Wheeler of Westford 1758; Sarah Wheeler, widow, administratrix; Richard Temple one of sureties.

History of the Wheeler Family in America.
The line of Simon and Sampson Wheeler (Probably of Acton, Ma FBR) is Richard-1, Abraham-2, Jonathon-3, Simon-4

Westford MA Vital Records
P. 252 Simon Wheeler of Acton and Sarah Temple married 13 July 1742.

Muster Rolls of French and Indian War (and other colonial wars) Mass. Archives, Boston, MA
153311 Simon Wheeler- recorded  Weston MA, 11 Mar 1759, Col Elisha Jones  Regt. Age 16,    
            Resident: Acton MA.  Enlisted 29 Mar. Father: Simon
153313 Simon Wheeler- recorded Boston MA, 6 Feb 1761, Capt William Barron, private
            Resident: Acton MA. Entered 23 Feb. dismissed 8 Dec, Mother: Sarah
153314 Simon Wheeler- recorded Boston MA 8 Jan 1748-9  Capt. Daniel Hills, Corporal
            Resident: Action concord MA.  23 May – 4 Dec. (saw service in Maine-FRB)
153315 Simon Wheeler, recorded Boston MA, 8 Feb 1760, Capt Jedusha Baldwin, private
            Resident: Scituate 28 Mar 3 Dec. endorsed and serving westward.
153122 John Wheeler recorded Boston MA, 3 Jan 1759, Capt. David Green, private
            Bedford to Brinfield, MA
153127 John Wheeler, recorded Weston MA 11 Apr 1759, Capt Elisha Jones, Age 16
            Resident Concord, 26 Mar at Lake George,  Father-Samuel Wheeler
15313? John Wheeler, Capt. Silas Brown, Drummer, Resident, Concord
            1 May – 5 Dec 1762, Father Samuel Wheeler
15??74 Joseph Wheeler, Capt Thomas Adams, Resident Concord 13 Feb 1759.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the American Revolution
V. 474 Ebenezer Temple of Acton, served in Mass.  Levi Temple of Westford, served in Mass.
VI. 977 John Wheeler, private, Actor Patten’s Co. Col. Samuel McCobb’s Regt 1779, roll certified, Topsham, ME
V:476- John Temple , private, Actor Patten’s co. Col. Samuel McCobb’s Regt 1779, roll certified, Topsham ME

From May 12, 1984 letter
“To date I have not been able to refute any records re: “Descendants of Richard Wheeler Of Lancaster, MA” contained in the “The History of the Wheeler Family in America.”  Pp 498-501.
Yet, I have also not been able to establish through records that Abraham Wheeler who died in Lancaster in 1695, was the father of Jonathon Wheeler of Concord and Acton, MA. Nor have I been able to establish through proof that Jonathon Wheeler of Acton was the father of Simon Wheeler of Acton and Westford,  MA.  However, there is much evidence to show secondary linkage between Jonathon and Simon.

One relationship is now definite.  Vital and land records establish that Jonathon Wheeler of Concord in 1710, when he married Hannah Russell, was the father of Abraham Wheeler, born Concord 1711, housewright in Concord and late Groton MA.  Hannah was still living in 1723 (by her signature on a deed.)  It might be assumed that during their marriage, Jonathon and Hannah would have a large family which could include the following children enumerated in the “History of the Wheeler  Family, page 501.”  Namely:
Oliver who received land in Acton from Jonathon in 1747 (Mid Deed 50:591)
Sampson who received land in Acton from Jonathon in 1750 (Mid Deed 51:67)
Jerahmeel who witnessed a deed for Jonathon in 1738(Mid Deed 39:335)
Simon, military records show served in colonial wars with Sampson and who was “of Acton” when he married Sarah Temple at Westford in 1742. (Certainly Simon must have been born before 1723, to have married in 1742, and thus, if he was a son of Jonathon of Acton, would also have been a son of Hannah (Russell) Wheeler as well.

Recent research has been done in confirming more data from the “History of the Wheeler Family,” especially concerning the children of Abraham and Tabitha. According to H-M-F the couple had:
1.      Abigail, born 3 Mar 1683, Mar. 8 Feb 1703-4 to Daniel Stone of Bramingham (?)
2.      Jonathon Wheeler
3.      Samuel Wheeler
4.      Daughter

Lancaster VR, p 15. Abigail, daughter of Abraham and Tabitha Wheeler born 2 Mar 1683,
Bramingham VR p 396; Abigail Wheeler mar. Deacon Daniel Stone 8 Feb 1703.
        “           p. 465; Abigail, wife of Daniel Stone, died 28 Oct 1711
(No children were listed for this couple. According to the Stone Genealogy 1904 [Please see] Abigail was the second wife of Daniel, who himself, was born in 1644, making him about 40 years old than his bride.  If this is true that Deacon Stone took a 20 year old girl, born in Lancaster as his bride, it might suggest that the families had known one another before the marriage.  Also note that previously, a Tabitha Stone, born 1655, married a John Rice.  To date I have not located this John Rice.  However I do think it most noteworhty that there was a Tabitha Stone, born in the same decade as Abraham Wheeler (born 1659) who married a man with the same name as Abraham step-father Joseph rice.  Could Tabitha Stone have taken Abraham Wheeler as her second husband?? To date, however, there is no proof that it was Abraham and Tabitha’s daughter who married Daniel Stone as his second wife.-FRB)

Notes from FBR dated May 1984
Concord, MA VR
Jonathon Wheeler married Hannah Russell 29 Aug 1710 (both of Concord)
Abraham son of Jonathon and Hannah Wheeler born 29 Sept 1711

Samuel Wheeler married Dorcas Pellett, both of Concord 20 Sept 1714
Children:       Samuel, 1715; Dorcas, 1716; Samuel, 1717; Gershom 1720; Nehemiah, 1722; Abigail 1725; Judah, 1727, died 1729;

There were three Jonathon Wheelers connected with Concord in or about 1710:
1.  Jonathon son of John and Sarah (Stearns) Wheeler born Concord 19 Apr 1696, died at
Sutton, NH, 10 July 1779
2.  Jonathon, son of Abraham and Tabitha, according to H-W-F
3.  Jonathon, son of Obadiah, born 1683; went to Lancaster; died Bolton (formerly part of
Lancaster) (See Mayflower Society account of this family.)
By 1745 there was also a Jonathon Wheeler, husband of Sarah, who had land near Ezra,
Widow Sarah, John, Benjamin, Timothy Wheeler, also near the Old Bedford line.  By this time of our" Jonathon was "of Acton."

There were        Samuel Wheelers connected with Concord in or about 1714:
1.    Samuel, son of Obadiah, born 23 Jan1680/1; went to Brookfield, MA, married Joanna Walcott at Concord 23 Nov 1704; three children born at Concord; returned to Brookfield where he had been living at time of marriage, 1711
2. Samuel,   married Mary Hosmer 27 Jan 1689-90; died Concord 20 Dec 1717; probate #24340 shows children Stephen, Dorcas and Joanna
3. Samuel,   son of Abraham and Tabitha, according to H-W-F

Jonathon Wheeler's lot received from son Abraham, 1738, Mid. 39:335:
1.       In or adjacent to northerly part of Concord called Blood's Farm, about 112 acres
2.       Begins at Billerica line 9 also near Jonathon Blood's land
3.       Witnesses: Samuel Wheeler Jr., Jerahmeel Wheeler, Samuel Wheeler (It seems reasonable to assume that the above witnesses were Jonath6n's nephew, Samuel, Jr.9 (unless Jonathon also named a son Samuel), Jonathon's song Jerahmeel and his brother Samuel.)

Samuel Wheeler's lot sold to Zachariah Emery of Chelmsford, 1723t Mid.  Deed 22:369
I.     meadow containing 5 acres in Concord (Acton had not been established)
2.    north by meadow of Emery, south by Wheeler, west by William Russell and Emery
3.    also adjoins Barrett's land
4.    witnesses: Joseph Whitney,, Jonathon Procter Daniel Procter

Jonathon Wheeler’s lot to Zachariah Emer of Chelmsford, 1723, Mid.  Deed 22:369
1.       meadow, 7 acres in Concord
2.       East of Jonathon, north and west of Zachariah Emery, south of Robert Blood
3.       standing on a line between Chelmsford and Concord

4.       also signed by Hannah Wheeler, wife of Jonathon
5.       witnesses: John Heald, Samuel Wheeler, Jr. William Russell

William Russell to Jonathon-Wheeler of Acton, land in Concord; also signed by wife Philadelphia 25 Feb 1?47; witnesses Samuel Wheel, Dorcas Wheeler. (Mid Deed 53:111)
 (It is very apparent from this deed signed by Jonathon's brother-in-law and witnessed by Samuel and Dorcas, that Samuel and Dorcas have been probably living side-by side from at least 1723 on.  They had sold companion pieces of land to Zachariah Emery in that year.  I feel sure that H-W-F is correct in listing them as brothers.

Genealogies of old Carlisle, MA Families
1. William Russel of Cambridfe, Ma died Menotomy (Arlington)  14 Feb 1661; married Martha --- who mar (2) 1665, Humphrey Bradshaw and (3). 1684, Thomas Hall.  She died c. 1694

2.  Benjamin  Russell born Cambridge 1643, came to Carlisle in 1680; died 8 Jan 1712-3; married 1664 Rebecca; children born In Cambridge and Concord
(Note:  Carlisle was established from part of Concord.  It appears that the Russells lived in that section of Concord, that became Carlisle)

3.  William Russell, born Lexington (sic) 12 June 1667, died concord (now Carlisle) 27 Jan 1717-8 in 51st year; married in Concord 24 Apr 1688, Hannah Adams,, born 25 July 1670 dau
of James and Priscilla (Ramsclen) Adams
Children incl.  William married Philadelphia Shepard; Hannah married Jonathon Wheeler;
James married Susannah Farrar; Ebenezer married Abigail Baker

Acton Town Records (not finished reading)
1735 Acton called Concord Village or New Grant
Constable: Jonathon Wheeler
1736 Selectman, Thomas Wheeler; John Davis, moderator; John Heald mentioned
1737-8 Hezekiah Wheeler
1739 Jonathon Wheeler and Samuel Jones to inspect ye deer
(I could find no proprietors records for Concord at the State Archives.)
Genealogies of Old Concord Families
P.      15 Thankful Wheeler, dau of John and Susan (Larkin) Wheeler, mar Jonas Prescott (1678-1750)9 son of Jonas and Mary.
Hezekiah, son of William and Sarah (Fletcher) Wheeler (1700-1759) mar. Sarah Buss 1732

Francis and Sarah (Blood) Wheeler (he was the son of William and Sarah (Fletcher) ( Wheeler)had children: Sarah, Samuel, Phinehas, Hannah, Noah

(Note: There was a Hezekiah Wheeler, probably the above, in Acton in 1738.  Not only Jonathon and Samuel lived in Acton.  Were the other Acton Wheelers related??)

Middlesex Co. Registry of Deeds, Cambridge, MA
Jonathon Wheeler living In the north part of Concord, husbandman to brother-in-law William Russell, Jr. of Concord; one third part of the land and meadows purchased of Sgt.  John Heald of Concord; reference to east side of Groton Road.. Virginia Meadows..Chelmsford line; also signed by Hannah Wheeler 12 Sept 1711, sig, acknowledged 16 Mar 1718-9; witnesses Thomas Brown, John Parlin, Rebecca Russell (23:428)
(This established that "our" Jonathon was living near Chelmsford when he first married.  Remember that Tolman said that the Concord Wheelers lived In the Virginia Meadows area,, named after a neighborhood where they had lived In England.)

Simon Wheeler of Concord, housewright, to George Farrar, Jr. of Concord; land In Concord southerly part; 13 Apr 1739, wit.  John Miley(/), Simon Davis, Jr. (land also near Joseph Wheeler) (40:3O2) This has to be another Simon Wheeler, probably the one who married Dorothy Worster.  Note his occupation is the same as Abraham son of Jonathon.  However I think he is the wrong age, and in the wrong part of Concord to be a son of Jonathon.)

Jonathon Wheeler of Concord, Yeoman to John Davis of Concord, yeoman; a certain freshold right In Concord Village or town's new grant (This IS Jonathon of Acton) recorded to me in the town's proprietors books; 23 Apr 1731: wit.: Abraham Wheeler, Jonathon Wheeler, 3rd (Who is Jonathon 3rd? his son? how old?)  (36:166)

William Wheeler, Jr. of Concord, yeoman, to John Davis of Concord, yeoman; 2 right in
Concord Village or new grant (Again in Acton); 4 May 1731; wit.: Timothy Minot, Oliver
Fletcher (36:167) (Is there a relationship between William Wheeler, Jr. and Jonathon?
They both obtained property in Concord Village, evidently close to one another.)

Middlesex Probate Records, Cambridge, MA
Administration on estate of William Russell: Hannah, widow; surety along with Hannah,
John Heald yeoman of Concord; 14 Mar 1717-8; children: William, James, Hannah, Dorcas,
Tabitha, John, Priscilla, Martha, Elizabeth, Ebenezer; accounting 11 Nov 1728, mentions
Hannah, wife of Jonathon Wheeler (still living in 1728!! ), Dorcas wife of Benjamin
Sampson, Tabitha, wife of Ephraim Warren; Martha, wife of James Blais? (#19717)

(Concord VR:children of William and Hannah Russell, William, 1688; Hannah 1690;Rebecca, 1693-1714; james, 1695; dorcas, 1698; Tabitha, 1700; John, 1703; Priscilla, 1706; Martha, 1708; Elizabeth, 1711; Ebenezer, 1714)

Abraham Wheeler of Groton, housewright, and Jonathon Wheeler of Acton, husbandman, sureties on Abraham's bond for his guardianship of his daughter Mary Wheeler in her 12th year; she, the daughter of Abraham and his late wife Martha Wheeler late of Groton, deceased.

James and Mary Davis received 189 pounds, 4 shillings, 11 pence, 2 farthings which is due to said Mary from her guardian aforesaid (Abraham), 2 Mar 1757; wit.  Jeremiah Hobart, Samuel Woods; another receipt, 29 Sept 1761 (#24231)
(Even though this is a large docket (with some receipts which I did not include) I could find no confirmation that Mary had at one time had her grandfather Jonathon Wheeler as her guardian.  I also read Vol- 38: 301, 310,a duplication of the docket, but could again find no mention of Jonathon as guardian, as claimed in the Blood Genealogy.  See enclosed Blood Family genealogy.  Note the name Simon Blood.  There also was a Simon Davis.  I have looked for links with both the Bloods and Davises.  Nothing so far.)

Hezekiah, Sarah and Abigail, minors under 14, children of Hezekiah Wheeler of Acton (#24270)

(I still plan to get back to the Acton Town Records.  Would also like to find the
Concord proprietors' records to find out how and when Jonathon acquired his earliest land.  I also need to get an early book of Concord deeds which is currently at the bindery.)

Luella:        Are you wondering, as I am, what happened to the family of Abraham Wheeler,
Between the time that Abraham died in 1695 and 1710 when Jonathon was "of Concord"
and was marrying Hannah Russell?  Did Jonathon and Samuel move from Lancaster with
their mother, Tabitha?  Did she re-marry?  After all, she would have been a widow of about 40.  Were they drawn to Concord because other Wheelers lived there, or was Tabitha (and a new husband?)from Concord.  Given the experience of the other Jonathon (son of Obadiah) there seemed to be a movement back and forth from Concord to Lancaster.  For one thing both Concord and Lancaster were much bigger in area about 17000 than they axe today.  In other words the distance might not have been as great as it is today.  I am trying to locate where the Jonathon Wheeler family lived on maps of Concord-Acton.  Fred

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