Other Family History Tidbits

I have been involved with family history research in one way or another for more than 30 years. I have contacted many family members, those I know, and those I have found through various websites. Many people have been willing to share their information with me. I decided it was time for me to start sharing that information with others. I have published some of the histories into books through Heritage Makers, and plan to publish more in the future. Since not everyone wants the complete books, I set up this blog to share the histories with anyone who might be interested. I will post some of the pictures I have and in the future hope to be able to add my ged.com files as well. This is a work in progress and I will continue to post more histories and pictures and links to the books as I complete them. For the time being, if you want more information about any of the histories or things I might have, just contact me.   Thanks to all who have willingly shared their information with me.

In an effort to "organize" things, I will be adding pages for each of our great grandparents. I will update each of those pages with notes of who's histories and pictures and Heritage Makers books can to be found where within the blog. I will list entries on the pages, in effect using them as an index to the blog postings.

Index for information about more immediate family members--

Histories and Pictures:
            Maybell Bennett Funeral Talk- posted June 2012
            Maybell Bennett History- posted June 2012
            Maybell Bennett Compilation- posted June 2012
            Leland Green's Journal- 198 pages typed in by Linda Wheeler- available upon request.
            Frank Greenwood History- posted June 2012
           Jennie Thornton Beehive Information- posted June 2012
           Kate Mathews - posted June 2012
           Ruth Perkins (Kate's mother)- posted June 2012
           Joseph Davis Mathews (Kate's father) - posted June 2012
           William Albert Stevenson Letters- posted June 2012
           William Albert Stevenson Compilation- posted June 2012

            Leland and Thelma Green- Heritage Makers Book posted June 2010.
            William Albert Stevenson Family Heritage Makers Book posted June 2012
            Greenwood Histories Heritage Makers Book posted June 2012